पूज्य बापूजी के कथनानुसार गोमाता को हम नहीं पालते गोमाता हमें पालती है |

Our Activities (कार्य क्रियान्वयन)>
निवाई गौशाला द्वारा प्रायोजित इस राष्ट्रव्यापी रचनात्मक तथा सृजनात्मक गोसेवा महाभियान की सुपरिणामकारी सफलता हेतु इसे सत्पुरुषों से अनुमोदित, विवेक के प्रकाश में निम्नलिखित 9 नौ चरणों में विभक्त किया गया।
Cow Preservation: Cows from the nearby villages and those being taken to the slaughter houses are protected. The deaf and dumb, blind and physically disabled cows those injured are been brought to Gaushala and are taken crae of.
Cow Rearing: Farmers living in the villages nearby the Gaushala are motivated to nurture the cows, similarly superior breeds of bulls are provided to the farmers for doing the field work.
Cow Resourcing: People will be motivated to do the required and adequate nursing, service and care of the cows only when they will be motivated for the cow resourcing. In the Gaushalas, the bullock of the best quality breed are united with the cows and good breeds calves are obtained who are beautiful and milking, so that the trend to desert the gau matas comes to an end and people nurture the cows whole heartedly. This same thing is carried out in our all the gaushalas carefully.
Panchagavya Research and Production: As per the command of Pujya Bapuji, the production work of several Panchgavya medicines, and other products like- Gojharan Arka(Extract), Gaoujharan Vati, Diabetese tablets, Punarnava Arka(Extract),Tulsi Arka and Neem Arka is carried out under the supervision of the qualified and efficient Ayurvedic doctors.
Ideal Village Project: Through the means of Gaushalas and under the Ideal Gaushala - Ideal village Project initiated by the Gau Seva Ayog; As per this, the nearby villages are adopted in which arrangements for the cow fodder and water for the cows and calves are chiefly addressed.
Cow-Protection: Regular yajnas are performed in the Gaushalas for the health and well being of the Gaumata, so that all gaumatas can live happily.
Training Camps: Educating the farmers about the importance of cow preservation, spreding awareness about the utility of cow in our life, how a gaumata is a research laboratory and a dispensery itself and Pujya Bapuji's message – "We do not nurture the cows, rather cows nurture us."
Satsang on Cow: Public awareness is spread through the inspiring stories about cow preservation and nurturing, sharing similar words by the great men in this regard and explaining them about the importance and advantages of the cow rearing and service, so that people get aware and save cows from sending to the slaughter houses.
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