The Blessings (English)
The Blessings (English)

Prasad (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):"978-93-90306-62-6"   ISBN (E-Book):"978-93-90306-63-3"  

"  Prasad "  (The Blessings)  - Your mind is influenced by every action you do in your life. We should watch minutely the effect of any action on our life, whilst doing it. Only if we become watchful in this way will we be able to restrain our mind and senses, and establish our intellect in the Truth personified Atman, Supreme Self. Ten points which are the criteria for self-analysis are described in the book ‘Prasad’, by which one can purify one’s life and become great.

Some of the main topics of this book are as follows:

* Which books should we read to progress in every field?

* What food and drink should we consume to strengthen our mind and intellect?

* What company should we keep for our life to blossom?

* Where should we live to get rid of duality?

* How to spend our time so that our life does not go waste?

* Who should be our refuge and guide?

* What or who should be the object of our meditation and reflection?

* What should we practice to improve our daily life?

* What type of samskaras will help us get divine bliss?

* How to take special care of Guru-Prasad?

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