Secrets of Tulsi (English)
Secrets of Tulsi (English)

Tulsi Rahasya (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):"978-93-90306-60-2"   ISBN (E-Book):"978-93-90306-61-9"  

"Tulsi Rahasya" (The Secrets of Tulsi)  - Tulsi (Holy Basil), a boon for the entire world, is an extremely useful herb. It is also the ambrosia for human life! Efforts have been made to publish the book ‘Tulsi Rahasya’ by the inspiration of Param Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. This is for the welfare of the entire world, aiming to disseminate the glory of Tulsi to each and every person, so that they may reap its benefits. In this book, compiled from the scriptures and preaching and tips of Bapuji; you will find:

* The significance and utility of Tulsi from the perspective of health, religion, spiritual, environmental and science 

* Measures to increase wealth, facial glow and memory

* Solutions to many problems such as domestic disputes, disease and ailments, etc. 

* How to develop devotion to God and attain Peace and Happiness?

* How is tulsi our protector and nourisher?

* Tulsi: A mine of qualities

* Tulsi provides health benefits and also happiness, peace and prosperity

* The ‘Glory of Tulsi’ described in the scriptures

* Tulsi: The giver of wealth and destroyer of poverty

* Single Tulsi, multiple benefits

* When a Divine Man appeared from a Tulsi Plant

* Science also acknowledges the importance of Tulsi

* Less investment, less labour and huge profit

* Tulsi: A Wonder Drug

* Some medicinal uses of Tulsi

* A time tested cure for cancer

* A technique to become vigorous and brilliant

* Some medicinal formulations of Tulsi

* The necessary precautions regarding plucking tulsi leaves such as timing, days, consumption of Tulsi leaves and the Tulsi mantra to be recited

* Tulsi remedy cured cancer (an experience)

* Insomnia relieved after twelve-years (an experience)

* Glory of the Tulsi rosary

* Despite an untimely death, Yamadutas (messengers of death) could not take away a man’s departed soul: A true incident depicting the greatness of Tulsi

* Tulsi mala became a protective shield (an experience)

* A Tulsi rosary touched by Bapuji, became a life-giving herb (an experience)

* A measure to solve domestic disputes and bring peace and happiness 

* Why celebrate ‘Tulsi Worship Day’ on 25th December?

* Outline of the programme to make India the Vishwa Guru 

* Campaign: ‘Plant Tulsi in every house’ 

* Tulsi and the environment

* For excellent Health and Longevity 

* Are the so called foreign hybrid ‘cows’ as good as the female demons of Kaliyuga?

* Various beverages for increasing strength, intelligence, vigour & memory

* The words of Lord Shiva regarding the importance of the Tulsi plant

* The various incarnations like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Sitaji and Parvatiji etc., also served and worshipped the Tulsi plant

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