Let us Inculcate Good Traits (English)
Let us Inculcate Good Traits (English)

Hamein Lene Hai Achchhe Sanskar (Hindi)


"Hamein Lene Hai Achchhe Samskara"  (Let us imbibe good samskaras)  -For the bright future of our nation, it is of paramount importance to inculcate good samskaras (noble values) in our children, because they are the future helmsmen of our nation. If the seeds of good samskaras are sown in their minds during childhood, they germinate when the opportunity arises. This book ‘Hamein Lene Hai Achchhe Samskara’

has been prepared from a compilation of techniques to awaken their potential of greatness, to develop their latent powers and to make them healthy, cheerful, persevering, focused, and skilled in action.


* Prayer: It helps in becoming cheerful, successful and getting divine help

* The glory of SatGuru

* A pious message from revered Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu and his inspirational short biography

* Virtues of an ideal child

* Ideal daily routine: A key to all success and progress in one’s life

* Types of knowledge

* Useful rhyming verses and informative riddles to infuse virtues in children

* Guidance to make them manly, firm, self-restrained and persevering 

* The story of a child devotee, who made God appear before him by his fearlessness, steadfastness and terrible penance

* A glimpse of the completely scientific and mystical Indian traditions

* Ways to enhance memory power

* Story of a Guru-Bhakta who presented an ideal example of courage, sacrifice and self-surrender by paying extraordinary tuition-fees to his Guru

* An inspirational story and lesson giving nice teachings to children about respecting and worshiping their parents

* A devotional song – Never forget your parents

* Story of a benevolent boy who grew up to become a world-famous saint

* A technique to awaken latent power

* An inspiring story portraying the compassionate and tender hearts of great men and SatGurus

* How to celebrate a birthday?

* Do’s and Dont’s

* Heroic portrayal of the incredible courage and self-confidence of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

* Tips to excel in examinations

* Cow’s milk: nectar on earth

* Fatal adverse effects of ice cream, fast food and chocolate- the pernicious enemies of the intestines and teeth

* Yoga asana and yoga mudras- A divine system for a healthy body, happy mind and awakening latent powers

* Spiritual Initiation: why and from whom it should be taken?

* A glimpse into students’ experiences, after receiving mantra initiation from Pujya Bapuji


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