lessons to the Mind (English)
lessons to the Mind (English)

Man ko Sikh (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):"978-93-89972-66-5"   ISBN (E-Book):"978-93-90235-29-2"  

" Lesson to the Mind " (Man Ko Sikh) - It is only the mind which imagines pleasure-pain, peace-unrest, benefit-loss, heaven-hell, etc., and creates the world accordingly. ‘If one conquers the mind, one has conquered the world.’ The only worthy endeavour is to conquer the mind and it can verily be accomplished through the techniques taught by Saints. This book, ‘Lesson to the mind’ is a compilation of invaluable techniques to conquer the mind, imparted by Bhagavatpāda Sāi Shrī Līlāshāhji Mahārāj. This book comprises of:

·       Why keep constant vigil over the mind, the whole day?

·       Why not permit the mind to sit idle?

·       Remind your mind every day of the pain and sorrow of life

·       Understand the queer tricks of the mind

·       How to bring down the intoxication of the mind

·       How to watch the mind?

·       Safeguard yourself from the illusory trap of the mind…

·       Some notable facts regarding food, instructed by saints and great men.

·       Ways to shield yourself from evil thoughts and actions

·       Never lose the equanimity of your mind.

·       Even this will pass away…

·       Have auspicious vision

·       Why seek the company of Holy Saints?

·       What is discrimination (Viveka)? 

·       What makes you unhappy?

·       What is this, sadhana or drudgery?

·       Does satsang affect our blood?

·       Why perform Sashtanga Dandavat Praņāma?

·       The glory of the person equipped with discrimination

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