For Excellence in Life (English)
For Excellence in Life (English)

Jivanopayogi Kunjiyan (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):"978-93-90306-10-7"   ISBN (E-Book):"978-93-90306-11-4"  

" Jivanopayogi Kunjiyan" (For Excellence in Life) -This book, ‘Jivanopayogi Kunjiyan’ (For Excellence in Life) shows various ways to help those seeking spiritual progress along with worldly success, to lead a happy life with rapid progress in sadhana. Application of these formulae and techniques will certainly bring about wonderful positive results. These formulae have been compiled from various spiritual discourses delivered by Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. The book includes: 

* A way of self-enquiry which resolves problems, disputes, strife and disease. 

* How to make the mind sattvic, pure, focused, enlightened, cheerful, and set on God?

* What is the meaning of meditation? To whom does satsang come to fruition? 

* How to be free from anguish and distress?

* What to do in order to be always cheerful and even-minded?

* How to make your mind free from the effects of pleasure and pain? 

* How can circumstances be put to good use?

* Simple & effective ways to eradicate vices

* Measures to preserve Life-Energy

* How to keep an unshakable and ever-increasing faith in God or SatGuru? 

* Measures to drive away useless thoughts from your mind

* Five points to develop love for God and five obstacles

* Six obstacles on the path of sadhana and how to overcome them

* Seven Infallible measures to attain God

* This is the Pancha Sakari Sadhana

* Health tips

* Remedies for rheumatism, fatigue and headache 

* A techniques which relieves headache, fatigue and increases intellect  

* Preventive measures for stress 

* What to do in moments of despair? 

* How to proceed on the path of progress?


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