Culture at A Glance (English)
Culture at A Glance (English)

Sanskar Darshan (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):"978-93-90306-18-3"   ISBN (E-Book):"978-93-90306-19-0"  

"Sanskar Darshan" (Culture at a Glance)  - If you want to enhance the dignity and glory of a house, state or country, you should make the children and students healthy, competent, cultured and strong. Keeping this formula in mind, this book – ‘Sanskar Darshan’, depicting the inculcation of moral values in children and students in Baal Sanskar Kendras run by Sant Shri Asharamji ashram, is a priceless treasure of knowledge for students, parents, teachers and the instructors of Baal Sanskar Kendras. In this colourful book, all the topics are illustrated with attractive pictures and designs and help with the life-building of students. The book includes:

* What is the objective of Baal Sanskar Kendras being run in India and abroad?

* Prayers to the presiding deity of the intellect, the goddess of learning, and the giver of Self-knowledge – Shri SatGurudev.

* Even the incarnations take refuge at the holy feet

* Matchless examples inspiring deep regard for parents in children’s hearts

* Virtues that make children ideal and successful

* What to do after waking up in Brahma Muhurta?

* Hygiene and beneficial facts regarding morning ablutions

* The ideal routine to become brilliant, vigorous, brave, and famous

* What to eat, how to eat and how to consecrate food before eating? 

* Some simple ways for success in study 

* Do this before going to bed

* Techniques to awaken dormant powers: Mantra-japa, Meditation, Trataka, Mauna and Trikala Sandhya.

* Location of Yogic chakras in the body (meditation on them gives miraculous benefits).

* Pranayama: The source of Life-Energy

* Various Yogic Techniques and Mudras

* Techniques for developing the retentive memory, will-power and intellect

* Offering libations to the Sun god, sunbathing and sun salutation- the easily available keys to health and talent

* The easy and simple means to mental and physical health – Yogasana

* If the foundations are cared for, everything is cared for. Know what the foundation is and how to take care of it.

* The teachings of the Gita on living.

* Rules of good conduct for elevation

* How to achieve success in exams?

* How to celebrate one’s Birthday?

* How students should spend holidays?

* Why should you buy these enemies of your teeth?

* Do you seek beauty through the slaughter of innocent animals and from chemicals?

* Addiction: Fondness for addiction gives a painful death….Aren’t you an addict!

* The cinema and television – A curse for children!

* Sweet poisons which ruin health (tea, coffee, and cold drinks).

* Cow’s Milk: The nectar on earth

* Eggs and non-vegetarian foods invite serious diseases

* They are potential dangers to your intestines & teeth

* While sleeping, which direction the head should be and why?

* Why are Ornaments worn?

* Why should one take mantra initiation from a SatGuru?

* Youth! Just ponder…….Does it make sense?

* Beware! Are you squandering your precious wealth?

* How to prevent nocturnal emissions?

* The great traditions of a great culture – the Guru-Shishya Parampara.

* Our Saints, great men and scientists

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